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Acoustic Leak Detection Services Sydney

At Aspire Plumbing Solutions we thrive on introducing the latest technology which then allows our clients to see the best results in the fastest ways possible. We rely on our new technology and especially our acoustic listening devices to deliver innovative and effective leak detection services to clients across Sydney.

Our advanced acoustic leak detection services offer precision and efficiency without the need of busting open walls or digging up floors, causing unnecessary damage and disruption to your property. By utilising this technology, our experienced plumbers are able to listen carefully to the unique sound waves produced by escaping or leaking water to locate and accurately pinpoint problem areas within your plumbing system even when concealed behind walls or buried underground.

TYPES OF Acoustic Listening Devices

In order to hear water leaks through different surfaces such as grass, dirt, concrete and pavers, we utilise a range of different microphones and equipment. If a leak cannot be heard, we will then use tracer gas or nitrogen to enhance the sound of a leak making it easier to locate.


Generally used to scan through dense surfaces such as concrete and pavers.


Typically used for breaking through the surface on softer surfaces such as grass and dirt.


Our tripod mic allows us to get accurate and consistent readings on vertical surfaces.


Beyond the financial aspect, undetected water leaks have the potential to cause serious ongoing issues and damage to your property. From mold growth, right through to compromising the structural integrity of your building, the repercussions of a minor leak can be detrimental and costly. This being said, preventative investigation and fast detection can not only save you on costly repair bills but elevate your property value and increase the chances of getting top dollar for your property when it comes time to move onto the next chapter. A history of recurring water damage or moisture issues can hinder your properties value and dissuade prospective buyers or tenants.

Not only is there a financial savings element to regular maintenance checks, there is the matter of occupant safety and building integrity. Water accumulation resulting from leaks creates dangerously hazardous areas within the structure of your building, transforming areas into accident-prone zones and increasing the likelihood of severe issues caused by collapses, slips, falls and other water related injuries.

It’s not all doom and gloom though! By contracting our team to carry out inexpensive, regular acoustic leak detection scans that won’t break the bank, you can rest easy at night knowing you are taking proactive steps towards ensuring a safe, valuable and marketable property.


Aspire Plumbing Solutions provide acoustic leak detection services to the following areas within Sydney Metro and surrounding suburbs / regions.


Acoustic leak detection utilises complex high frequency listening devices which enable our trained team to detect even the smallest sounds generated by flowing or escaping water from your plumbing system.
Acoustic leak detection works on the principle that water leaks produce a very distinctive sound, especially under pressure that our trained professional plumbers are able to hear when utilising high-end acoustic listening devices. This then allows our team to accurately locate the source of a leak and determine the best course of action to rectify the issue.
Acoustic leak detection services will identify and locate most leaks within underground pipes, within walls or even through concrete slabs. Our advanced technology picks up on leaks that are generally not detectable by standard investigative measures within residential, commercial and industrial properties.
No, not at all. Our experienced plumbers are able to listen in on your plumbing system without carrying out any disruptive excavation or structural work. This allows leaks to be detected, quickly, accurately and cost effectively with no damage to your property.
Our acoustic listening devices are extremely accurate and allow our trained professional plumbers to pinpoint the precise location of a leak. With advanced technology, expertise and the use of other non-invasive tools, your water leak can be detected quickly, accurately and efficiently, minimising the risk of water damage to your property.

Disclaimer: Some leaks can be undetectable due to multiple variables. If leaks are 10l per hour or less, they may necessitate destructive methods to uncover. Please be aware that our team might not pinpoint all leaks until obvious ones are fixed, e.g. dripping taps/toilets etc.


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