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Moisture Scanning Leak Detection Services Sydney

At Aspire Plumbing Solutions, our experienced and licensed plumbers have an in-depth knowledge of construction materials and components, enabling effective investigation. Our team utilises high end infrared cameras and moisture meters to carry out thorough investigation, allowing precise assessment of the level of damage caused by water leaks throughout a property.

What’s Involved in Moisture Testing For Leaks?

Throughout our thorough inspection process, our experienced team meticulously assess moisture and humidity levels within the building’s structural components and document them accordingly. This ensures reliable results at both the start and conclusion of our inspection, leaving no source of moisture unchecked and providing our clients with an accurate view of where the problem areas may lie.

Moisture Scanning Meter


It prevents costly damages: Identifying and addressing moisture problems within a property in a preventative manner or at an early stage of identifying a problem can prevent significant property damage and provide a safe environment for occupants.

A Maintenance Must: Incorporating moisture detection services to your ongoing maintenance schedule will inevitably prevent expensive repair costs later down the line by locating and addressing smaller problem areas before they become large and expensive issues.

Damage Prevention: Excess moisture can and will lead to significant structural damage to your property including rotting of timber, mold growth, insulation deterioration and flooring / roofing failure. Our service aims to detect and address these types of issues promptly, allowing you to introduce an action plan to resolve the problem.

Cutting Edge Technology: Our advanced technology utilised by our professional and experienced plumbers allows accurate and efficient moisture identification, ensuring your property remains protected and free from damage or ongoing safety issues.


Aspire Plumbing Solutions provide moisture scanning services to the following areas within Sydney and surrounding suburbs.


Moisture scanning is a non-invasive detection method which enables our experienced team to identify moisture within various building materials and structures within your property. This service involves the use of specialised tools and equipment such as infrared cameras and moisture meters to aid in the location of elevated moisture content, which indicates potential water damage.
Moisture scanning is crucial for early detection of leaks as it can uncover hidden moisture issues before they cause significant damage to the property’s structural integrity. By identifying incorrect moisture levels and potential leaks quickly, property owners can reduce the risk of costly repair costs due to ongoing water damage.
Inconsistent visual signs of increased moisture within your property may include water stains, discoloration on roofs, walls and floors, peeling paint or wallpaper, ongoing odors and visible mold growth. Even if there are no visible signs of water damage, regular moisture scanning can identify potential issues and help prevent costly repair jobs.
Whilst moisture scanning is highly effective, Unfortunately there are some limitations within hard-to-reach areas or behind certain building materials that prevent the tools for gaining an accurate measurement. This being said, our experienced team utilises a combination of non-intrusive methods and tools to maximise coverage and moisture detection accuracy.
During a moisture scanning service, our trained plumbers will conduct a thorough inspection and investigation of your property utilising our specialised infrared cameras and moisture meters. We will then identify all areas of concern. This process is non-destructive and minimally invasive, allowing for efficient leak detection without causing any damage to your property.

Disclaimer: Some leaks can be undetectable due to multiple variables. If leaks are 10l per hour or less, they may necessitate destructive methods to uncover. Please be aware that our team might not pinpoint all leaks until obvious ones are fixed, e.g. dripping taps/toilets etc.


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