Pipe Locating & CCTV Inspection


Utilising our state of the art pipe locator, we are able to scan underground to determine exactly where your pipes are prior to digging or attempting to fix an issue that you may be experiencing. This is extremely beneficial as we will be causing less unnecessary damage to your ground and will be able to inspect, locate and fix the problem a lot quicker than a plumber without these tools. 

What are the benefits of our pipe locating service?

Using a high quality locator, we not only are able to locate underground pipes but anything conductive such as telecommunication cables, power cables as well as water and gas pipes. This is a necessary tool to ensure we are well aware of what is going on underneath the surface and assists with planning an accurate and stress free solution to your plumbing problem.

No extensive and complicated digging of your yard and no hefty repair fees, just a streamlined and professional experience carried out by qualified professionals. 

CCTV Inspection


Here at Aspire Plumbing Solutions, we like to take the least destructive approach first and then follow with the necessary steps. In most cases, we are able to inspect pipes with our CCTV equipment to ensure we know exactly what is going on before making any plans or attempts to fix an issue. 

Utilising CCTV camera equipment, we are able to inspect both sewer and stormwater pipes and then use our pipe locator to locate points of interest, establish which direction the pipe flows and determine the necessary methods to fix the current issue at hand or prevent future issues from occurring. 

This service can also be utilised when inspecting the overall condition of your plumbing system and any possibility of tree roots growing through your underground pipes.

Suspect that your plumbing system may be suffering from a leak? Our CCTV cameras can also be used to locate and assist in fixing plumbing leaks. See our leak detection services for more information. 

What is involved in CCTV Pipe Inspection?

When inspecting your pipes & drains, we will lower a flexible CCTV camera into your piping system which can be viewed remotely in real time. This method of inspection requires absolutely no destruction and often gives us the information we need in order to implement a correct and accurate solution.


Aspire Plumbing Solutions provide CCTV inspection and pipe locating services to the following areas within Sydney and surrounding suburbs.


No, we will carry out all necessary steps in order to get the best possible vision when inspecting your piping system. Some drains may require high pressure jet cleaning first in order to gain clear visibility. All of our vehicles are equipped with this facility to ensure a seamless and professional experience.

Yes, in most cases we are able to see in real time all aspects of the plumbing system including straight pipes, junctions and bends. 

Yes, all CCTV inspections have the ability to record onto a USB at your request. This is helpful and necessary if you are required to provide proof of plumbing problems to a real estate, property owner or insurance company.

A live view of the situation in full colour allows for our qualified plumbers to obtain an extremely accurate inspection and provide the best possible course of action to rectify your plumbing problem.

Our pipe locating equipment injects electrical signals into the ground in order to locate cables and pipes. To do this you require a receiver that picks up the signal and a transmitter that injects the electrical signal into the pipe or cable.


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