Thermal Imaging

Thermal IMaging Leak Detection Services Sydney

Aspire Plumbing Solutions offer cutting-edge, highly accurate thermal leak detection services across Sydney CBD and its surrounds. Traditional leak detection methods can be destructive, complicated and often ineffective whereas utilising thermal imaging cameras, we are able to identify hidden leaks without breaking open walls or floors allowing us to find leaks with no additional costs to you, the customer.

Thermal cameras used for thermal leak detection utilise advanced infrared technology which identifies discrepancies or differences in thermal temperature in scanned objects and surfaces. With this technology, our experienced plumbers are able to pinpoint certain areas that are suffering from moisture or water damage that are naked to the human eye.

Thermal Imaging


Some benefits of thermal imaging for leak detection include:

Preventative Scanning: Save money, time and effort by carrying out regular moisture and water damage scanning. Carrying out preventive and routine scanning will enable you to locate and isolate issues before they become larger, most costly problems.

Non-Intrusive: Our thermal imaging services are non-intrusive and allow for a non-invasive, destruction free approach to locating leaks within your property.

Precision: Our cutting-edge technology and state-of-the-art thermal cameras provide accurate, fast and reliable results, ensuring you can get your leaks detected and fixed as quickly as possible.

Efficiency: Unlike traditional, invasive detection methods, thermal imaging enables fast and effective leak detection.


Aspire Plumbing Solutions provide thermal leak detection services to the following areas within Sydney and surrounding suburbs.


Using advanced infrared thermal imaging tools, we are able to distinguish differences and discrepancies in temperature behind walls, under floors or in roofs caused by moisture and leaking water.
No, thermal imaging or thermal leak detection services are non-invasive and do not require physical intervention or destruction of your property, minimising damage and inconveniences.

Our team utilise high end thermal imaging cameras which provide precise and reliable results each and every time. This enables us to quickly and accurately identify problem areas and provide our clients with the best course of action to rectify the problem.

Yes, Thermal imaging can save property owners a significant amount of money in repair costs, especially if you are carrying out routine scans and identifying smaller problems before they become large problems.
Thermal imaging and scanning is an extremely versatile service that can be carried out on any type of  property, enabling our team to detect leaks and water damage in residential, commercial and industrial properties.

Disclaimer: Some leaks can be undetectable due to multiple variables. If leaks are 10l per hour or less, they may necessitate destructive methods to uncover. Please be aware that our team might not pinpoint all leaks until obvious ones are fixed, e.g. dripping taps/toilets etc.


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