Tracer Gas

Tracer Gas Leak Detection Services Sydney

By leveraging industry leading tracer gas technology, our team at Aspire Plumbing Solutions are able to provide unparalleled accuracy in pinpointing leaks within your plumbing system, ensuring the safety and integrity of your property.

How Tracer Gas Leak Detection Works

Tracer gas leak detection utilises Hydrogen/Nitrogen gas mixture that is introduced into your plumbing system. It will then travel through the plumbing system until it reaches and eventually escapes through the broken piece of pipe or source of the leak. Due to its molecular properties, Hydrogen tracer gas will then seep through various different materials such as concrete, bitumen, soil and more which can then be easily detected above the surface with our gas detecting equipment.

Benefits of Tracer Gas Leak Detection

This innovative technology offers numerous advantages and can outweigh traditional detection methods. Hydrogen tracer gases offer a safe and non-intrusive detection method in a wide range of diverse environments. Unlike acoustic methods, tracer gas detection remains the most effective solution within noisy surroundings such as busy streets, active construction sites and built-up areas.

Our team is equipped with cutting edge technology that enhances leak detection capabilities, resulting in fast and effective detection of even the smallest minute leaks. Hydrogen tracer gas also poses no inherent risks to your plumbing system.

Tracer Gas


Aspire Plumbing Solutions provide tracer gas leak detection services to the following areas within Sydney and surrounding suburbs.


Yes, tracer gas is a non-toxic, non-corrosive method of leak detection, making it safe in a wide range of environments including homes, commercial properties and intertrial applications.
Our advanced technology enables rapid detection of even the smallest of leaks. This being said, an exact number really depends on the size of the property and condition of the overall plumbing system that is being investigated.
Hydrogen tracer gas poses no risk to the environment or water quality within a plumbing system, ensuring an eco-friendly leak detection service is carried out each and every time.
Yes unlike our acoustic leak detection service, Hydrogen tracer gas and our tracer gas detection equipment can be utilised in almost any environment regardless of noisy surroundings.

Our advanced tracer gas technology can identify and locate hidden water leaks within underground pipes, slab leaks, commercial fire service leaks and even hidden gas leaks that are not visible to the  human eye.

Disclaimer: Some leaks can be undetectable due to multiple variables. If leaks are 10l per hour or less, they may necessitate destructive methods to uncover. Please be aware that our team might not pinpoint all leaks until obvious ones are fixed, e.g. dripping taps/toilets etc.


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